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Northclad AL Series Aluminum Panels

Product Cost Rating
Manufacturer: Northclad Rainscreen Solutions
Product Type: Siding. Formed Aluminum Rectangular
Northclad AL Series Aluminum Panels manufactured by Northclad Rainscreen Solutions installed by Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc.

The AL™ Series:

The NorthClad AL™ Series is an extremely versatile panel. Availability is key, and with a standard set of 169 different panel sizes your design options are maximized.

Each panel size is available in 20 standard colors. Custom panel sizes and colors are also available at an additional cost.


Superior Design Flexibility:

Traditional modular composite panel systems have historically been designed with custom dimensions making them very expensive to manufacture and install.

NorthClad’s AL™ standard panel system is available in square or rectangular modules. Combined with a superior flashing system, the result is a sophisticated modular look for a fraction of the cost of a custom system.

NorthClad AL Series Aluminum Panel Details

High Performance:

Based on .050 aluminum, the most widely used material in a wide variety of colors with a proven PDVF (Minimum 70% Kynar®/Hylar® Resins) paint system. Thicker is better in metal because weight will control flatness and minimize “oil canning”.


Low Cost Investment:

The most significant factors in the cost of a modular panel system are the initial and long-term cost of the material, and the cost of the installation.   NorthClad’s AL™ standard panel systems are ideal for a functional, yet versatile vented rain screen design.

With excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions, the AL™ standard panel system will perform for many years and provide a significant return on investment.


Features Overview:

  • AL™ Series: Standard and Custom options
  • Precision fabricated modular design
  • PVDF (Kynar®/Hylar®) paint for long term color retention
  • Aluminum will never rust
  • Fully tested for air, water and structural performance ASTM 283, 330, 331, 508
  • Very Flat surface without visible sealant in the reveals
  • Vented rainscreen design for the health of your building
  • Proven sheet metal details and design at openings and transitions
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • 20 year paint finish warranty



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Northclad EF Plate Rainscreens

Product Cost Rating
Manufacturer: Northclad Rainscreen Solutions
Product Type: Siding. Plate Aluminum Rainscreen
Northclad EF Plate Rainscreens manufactured by Northclad Rainscreen Solutions installed by Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc.

Plate aluminum rainscreens consist typically of open joint, .125 aluminum panels, installed over an airspace and waterproofing.These systems are installed with exposed fasteners, which can be selected so that they blend in or so that they provide colorful accents. The cost advantage over formed aluminum panels or composites is primarily due to the lack of a routing and bending step.

Northshore still keeps field fabrication to a minimum with CNC fabrication of predrilled holes and pre-measured pieces, which can provide a very sharp, artistic look.

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Parklex Wood Composite Panels

Product Cost Rating
Manufacturer: Parklex
Product Type: Siding. Phenolic Rainscreen
Parklex Wood Composite Panels manufactured by Parklex installed by Northshore Sheet Metal, Inc.

Parklex is manufactured in Spain and ship in 4' by 8' sheets. Northshore sizes and drills the material on CNC equipment locally for a perfect fit. The installation style is open joint rainscreen. These products feature a real wood veneer on a Phenolic core. The wood face is protected by a UV resistant layer and is warranted for a decade.

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