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Trespa Composite Panels

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Manufacturer: Trespa
Product Type: Siding. Phenolic Rainscreen
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Trespa Composite Panels
You imagine the lines, we will implement them. Don't worry about precision, as our CNC machinery boasts precision down to 1000th of an inch! Click to enlarge.
Notice the flat, clean look of the Trespa rainscreen system up against custom fabricated stainless steel water features. Click to enlarge.
Trespa joints can be configured per your specifications as seen here on Providence Medical Center. Click to enlarge.
A nice glossy finish. Hard to imagine from a composite panel made of layers of paper. Notice the alignment of the windows and panel joints. Click to enlarge.
Yes, Trespa can be used for soffits too. We always pay special attention to flashing and clean lines. Click to enlarge.
Minor color variations can set off an entrance or other building feature as seen here at the entrance to Providence Medical Center in Everett, Washington. Click to enlarge.
This canopy at Providence Medical Center in Everett, Washington features a Trespa soffit. It looks fantastic! Click to enlarge.
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Trespa is a composite rainscreen siding system from the Netherlands and is a fine product.  Northshore Sheet Metal is the west coast distributor of Formica's Vivix, a competing phenolic rainscreen made in North America, fabricated locally, and backed by a warranty and the experience of Formica. Call us to discuss how your project can save money and achieve the look and performance you need.

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