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Mercer Court Apartments Project:
Mercer Court Apartments was designed by Ankrom Moisan and built by W G Clark

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Location: 3925 Adams Lane NE Seattle , WA

Finish Year: 2013

Architect: Ankrom Moisan

General: W G Clark

These 5 buildings amounted to 2X the Husky Stadium. Over 5 million dollars in siding installed in under 6 months. The project features Northclad AL panels and AEP Prestige panels. Five colors and multiple arrays of varying panel reveals create interest. Northshore prefabricated flashings to exact lengths, many pre-mitered, and tracked parts via our coding and labeling system. Product was organized and delivered just-in-time floor by floor. Note the unusual mitered blade Prestige Panel corners, which provide an especially crisp look

Federal Center South Project:
Federal Center South was designed by ZGF and built by Sellen

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Location: East Marginal Way Seattle, WA

Finish Year: 2012

Architect: ZGF

General: Sellen

Over 20,000 custom size shingles from millennium tile in their varied Pewter finish and Morin perforated screen walls plus Northclad AL panels beautify the Seattle home of the Army Corps of engineers.

Hawaii Regional Security Project:
Hawaii Regional Security was designed by  and built by Dck Pacific

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Location: Honolulu, WA

Finish Year: 2010

General: Dck Pacific

We provided welded, curved aluminum fascia that went around a curve and other composite cladding. Great looking job if you are allowed to see it!

Krispy Kreme Maui Project:
Krispy Kreme Maui was designed by Dykeman and built by Wilcox Construction

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Location: 433 Kele St. Kahului, HI

Finish Year: 2004

Architect: Dykeman

General: Wilcox Construction

If your project requires curves or other sophisticated fabrication, we are your guys! Northshore created the OG cornices for a number of Krispy Kreme restaurants.

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