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Evergreen School Project:
Evergreen School was designed by Studio Meng Strazzara and built by Sellen Construction

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Location: 15201 Meridian Avenue N. Seattle, WA

Finish Year: 2003

Architect: Studio Meng Strazzara

General: Sellen Construction

Curved Elements, siding in various profiles and a barrel roof help this school stand out as a special place for learning.

University Village Phase II Project:
University Village Phase II was designed by Weinstein AU and built by Lease Crutcher Lewis Construction

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Location: 4743 University Village Place N.E. Seattle, WA

Finish Year: 2003

Architect: Weinstein AU

General: Lease Crutcher Lewis Construction

The parking structure is masked by a clever louver wall which features a blade orientation that lets in sunlight while minimizing light pollution. We have performed most of the sheet metal on the renovation work at the University Village, which features lots of curves and crisp details.

Turner Office Building Project:
Turner Office Building was designed by  and built by Chinn Construction

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Location: Kirkland, WA

Finish Year: 2003

General: Chinn Construction

The Citadel composites are installed with extrusions at the joints for a picture-framed unique look.

Mill Creek Court Project:
Mill Creek Court was designed by Mithun and built by GLY Construction

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Location: 15130 Main St. Mill Creek, WA

Finish Year: 2003

Architect: Mithun

General: GLY Construction

This modern retail space uses AEP products in several custom colors and profiles, including Prestige flush panels and Design Span walls.

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