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Pearlridge Center Mall Renovation Project:
Pearlridge Center Mall Renovation was designed by JPRA and built by Gateside Inc.

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Location: Honolulu, HI

Finish Year: 2019

Architect: JPRA

General: Gateside Inc.

Fabulous Exterior upgrades make Pearlridge the place to shop!

Seattle Opera Annex Project:
Seattle Opera Annex was designed by NBBJ and built by Lease Crutcher Lewis

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Location: Mercer Street Seattle, WA

Finish Year: 2018

Architect: NBBJ

General: Lease Crutcher Lewis

NorthClad Designer Series panels set upon Kingspan Karrier and Morin N-12 panels help the new annex blend seamlessly with the Opera House

Ward Village Block M Project:
Ward Village Block M was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ) and built by Layton

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Location: Honolulu, HI

Finish Year: 2018

Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ)

General: Layton

Northshore fabricated and installed this fabulously interesting 80,000 square foot parking screen and the specialty siding for Whole Foods

Overseas Terminal Project:
Overseas Terminal  was designed by ABBAE and built by Ralph Inouye

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Location: Oahu Airport Honolulu, HI

Finish Year: 2018

Architect: ABBAE

General: Ralph Inouye

The nearly a mile long walkway is protected by this wonderful canopy that evokes canoe outriggers bursting through the waves. NorthClad welded up these great architectural features.

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